Our Commitment to Grow, Deliver and Sustain

A message from Tyson Foods Chief Sustainability Officer John Randal Tyson

Tyson Foods’ commitment to grow responsibly, deliver progress and sustain our world has never been more important than now.

In the face of uncertainties related to COVID-19, I’m thankful to my colleagues for their work making great food, taking care of the animals entrusted to us, and caring for our planet.

As we strive to do good every day, I am extremely proud of the priority we have placed on the health and safety of our team members, who are the driving force behind our sustainability efforts around the world.

I want to highlight the progress we made in 2019 across our five sustainability focus areas: Environment, Animal Welfare, Food, Workplace, and Community. We publish a report on sustainability annually because it promotes transparency in our work, increases collaboration, and makes us better as an organization. It drives accountability for our workforce, provides context to stakeholders about the improvements we are making, and highlights innovative steps we are taking to produce “good food” for people around the world.

Our sustainability goals are a collaborative effort, and each of our 140,000 team members are dedicated to delivering on our commitments. It takes all of us working together, along with our partners, to make progress.    

I’m amazed with the work that happens around the world at Tyson Foods every day, and I’m proud to say that our company is stepping up to help feed the world through a safe, nutritious and sustainable food supply.

When you have a free moment, please consider taking some time to browse through this year’s sustainability report. I think you will see why I’m so optimistic about our shared future.