Team member using virtual reality goggles to view immersive 360 of broiler research farm

An Innovation Story: The Immersive 360 Experience 

We talk a lot at Tyson Foods about feeding the future and creating a more sustainable food system, and that means we must innovate, reimagine, and advance all aspects of the supply chain – from the farm to the table.  

That’s why we built the Tyson Foods Broiler Welfare Research Farm in 2020 and opened the Tyson Manufacturing and Automation Center (TMAC) in 2019.           

The research farm is unlike any facility in the industry. Its viewing rooms allow researchers to view the birds without disrupting their space and allow us to test different lighting schemes and environmental enrichments like huts. Through testing, we’re ultimately able to gain a better understanding of what the animals want and need. This research and findings can then be shared, strengthening animal welfare practices on farms across the country.  

TMAC’s state-of-the-art design helps us develop more automation and robotics for our plants and train team members in new technology. Featuring a vision technology lab, training classrooms, and a simulated production environment, TMAC is training current team members to meet the needs of tomorrow and creating more opportunities for team members to learn and grow.  

And now, for the first time, audiences anywhere can join animal welfare specialists, researchers, and engineers on a tour of our Broiler Welfare Research Farm and TMAC to learn more about how we’re leading the way in advancing animal welfare, upskilling team members, and creating a better future for food.  

As you watch the video below, be sure to move around the space for a full 360 view or toss on a pair of virtual reality (VR) goggles for an enhanced immersive experience.  

We’re excited to have you on this journey with us.